Christina Ocampo

"Christina is one of the most versatile, accountable, and widely respected managers I’ve worked with but also had the privilege of reporting and learning from. She establishes herself as a reliable and trustworthy leader, regardless of team or client she is working with, and is effortless in building relationships with those she interacts with. Christina is not afraid to put herself out there to support her team and also do right by the client. She comes to the table with solutions and delivers her work with gratitude. She takes care of her team and clients (I’ve even kept all the personal notes she wrote me) and is a strong motivator. While Christina is revenue-driven, she accomplishes milestones with tact and exceeds expectations by any party (internal team, supplier, merchant, etc.). The world needs more managers like Christina!"  Meghan Dettenmayer, Ad Ops, Search at Walmart Connect

"Christina is the best account director I've ever had at an agency. She is highly responsive and really goes the extra mile for her clients to solve issues and provide top notch support. Her infectious positivity makes her a delight to work with, and her work ethic blew me away. I would jump at the chance to work with her again!" Jenn Koiter, Recruitment Marketing Regional Lead, Talent Attraction and Employer Brand, Dell Technologies

"I had the pleasure to work and partner with Christina! As our Account Director for Dell Technologies, she made sure to bring her best and had a contagious positive attitude to ensure our projects run smoothly. Christina is a talented professional; enthusiastic, passionate, driven, and always ready to learn and ask questions to then make valuable suggestions for her clients. I really appreciated her kindness and willingness to collaborate. She was consistently attentive, and open-minded; ensuring that our feedback was taken into consideration." Cristina Pereira Batinovich, Talent Attraction Marketing Digital & Analytics Lead, Dell Technologies

Praises from Clients and Colleagues

"Christina has a depth and breadth of knowledge for Google Marketing Platform as well as other technologies within the AdTech/MarTech space and the impact these platforms have on customers' businesses. Her expertise is in developing strong customer relationships that she builds by being a trusted advisor both at the C-level as well as with the activation level teams with whom she works. As a leader and teammate, you can trust Christina to drive results at all levels. She's also an amazing singer and fun to be around :-) I hope that we'll one day work together again." Maria Comstock,  Tech Account Executive - Telco and Consumer Electronics, Google​

“Christina is one of those rare people who effectively manages people by actually caring about people. Her genuine kindness and concern creates rock solid relationships with internal team members and stakeholders as well as external teams and clients. When projects grow complex or situations become challenging, she has the ability to not only address core issues but motivate all those around her to find joy in the process AND the outcome.  All of this allows her to effectively manage on every level whether it's an individual or small team dynamic or multiple, cross functional teams composed of internal and external members. The respect she has for her co-workers as people drives results for her teams and organizations."

​Joe Gruchacz, Product Director, Triad