‚ÄčLately, I've been thinking a great deal about the people that I have influenced in my career, specifically the last two years while I've been at Accenture and Triad.  While I learned a great deal about ad support teams, operations, hiring, offshore teams, implementation, publisher ad technology, efficiencies, creative, product management, and retail clients, one thing stood out for me and that was listening and guiding the passionate, hard-working teams that worked for me. 

I've spent the last month assessing my evolution -- focusing on what I'm great at and being honest about what I need to work on. One thing is for sure -- I am in charge of my career and am grateful for the road that has brought me to where I am today.   ‚Äč

Now, as for my family unit -- I try to live each day making it different than the last.  Life is simply too short to have the same day day in and day out.  While I am undergoing new challenges, I make sure that I am taking care of the important things that I had not completely tackled and finalized; I do have so much hope for the future.  Grateful for everything we have, for the special people that are in our lives, and to ask for help when I need it.  To let go of expectations.  Because of where I am now, whom I spend my quality time with, and my life today, I simply remember just how lucky we are to be alive, that my home is not in the four walls of a house, but where I build my home around my significant other and my daughters.  I remember that I am the source of my happiness and to give without expectation.  To give with an Aloha heart.  To be vulnerable and dive in without knowing the outcome.  Falling is ok.  It's the getting up that is important.

Thank you for coming to my website. ALOHA.