Christina Myra Ocampo

I am a passionate leader with demonstrated success in managing sales, account management, and operations teams. A Trusted Advisor with more than 15 years experience solution selling, growing evangelistic client relationships and strategy while focused on revenue growth. I have expertise in advertising technology business development and media sales. My operations experience includes leading large-scale projects with product, marketing, sales, finance, analytics, creative/production, and media operations teams as well as with agencies, partners, and customers.

I'm motivated by building and developing high performing teams — empowering individuals to realize their full potential. Skilled relationship builder and collaborator with C-level executives, colleagues, direct reports, partners, and customers. Trusted mentor and coach who dives deep and operates at all levels. 


"Christina is one of those rare people who effectively manages people by actually caring about people. Her genuine kindness and concern creates rock solid relationships with internal team members and stakeholders as well as external teams and clients. When projects grow complex or situations become challenging, she has the ability to not only address core issues but motivate all those around her to find joy in the process AND the outcome. All of this allows her to effectively manage on every level whether its an individual or small team dynamic or multiple, cross functional teams composed of internal and external members. The respect she has for her co-workers as people drives results for her teams and organizations."

Joe Gruchacz, Director of Product at Triad

October 29, 2019, Joe worked with Christina in different groups

"Christina leads her teams with compassion and empathy. She was always willing to help me work through issues with team performance and communication. Christina is not afraid to speak up and provide solutions. Though managing remote, Christina took the time to understand our department’s functions and needs so the distance was never noticeable. I enjoyed my time working with Christina and recommend her as a operations leader." 

Suzi Oman, Director of Search Analytics at Triad

April 2, 2019, Suzi reported directly to Christina

"Christina was a pleasure to work alongside. Her management of cross functional teams and multiple initiatives was truly impressive. As a manager, she was able to keep busy teams motivated, on-task and positive. I was continually impressed by her handing of difficult conversations. She is able to say the hard thing in a way that builds trust from both the client and internal teams. She is a rare find and I highly recommend her. "

​Hillary Chapman-Roberts, Product Marketing at GroupM

April 2, 2019, Christina worked with Hillary in the same group

"Christina is one of the most versatile and composed leaders I have had the privilege of working for. In the short time that we worked together she was able to quickly establish herself as the main touch point for leadership across several large cross functional teams. Christina made the most of being placed in an extremely challenging role by motivating several cross functional leads, identifying issues and areas for improvement and making necessary changes to better serve the business; thus making the lives of several key stake holders much easier. Her positive attitude, determined work ethic, and unique perspectives were a breath of fresh air that led to many positive changes. Her versatility spans further than just leading internal teams as she also has exemplary client relationship skills. Christina would be an extremely valuable piece to any forward thinking and innovative organization looking for progressive thought leadership."

James Ferreira, Product Manager Reporting & Measurement at Walmart Media Group
March 27, 2019, James reported directly to Christina

"I had the opportunity to report to Christina during my time at Walmart e-commerce. She was one of the best managers I have ever had. To sum up my experience under Christina - she is extremely talented, driven, passionate and was a manager who TRULY cares about her work as well as her employees. Her qualities are priceless/invaluable and I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to not only work with her, but also to learn from her. Even in writing this, I feel as if I'm unable to express how invaluable she is. Thank you Christina for the experience and everything you taught me."

Maria Matlack, Head of Marketing & Public Relations, Humane Society of Tampa Bay
January 28, 2019, Maria reported directly to Christina


I have been a Social Media Ambassador for the CBS TV Show Hawaii Five-O.

I've been both a vocalist, choreographer, and manager for Bay Area local bands including 25th Hour, D'Groove and artist Cindy Mestre. 

​I was an actress in the music video Dalai Lama of Hazel Rose, a singer/songwriter/rapper from San Francisco.