Christina Ocampo

Partner, Operations & Program Manager  

Cross Team Communicator

People Leader 

Christina is a Passionate Leader and Trusted Advisor 

... with demonstrated success in managing clients and high performing teams. She has over 20 years in sales, account management, and operations leadership at DoubleClick, Google, Accenture and Cognizant. Focused on solution-selling purpose, she grows evangelistic client relationships focused on our mutual goals.  Christina is now at Amazon on the Global Advertising Partnership Development Team.  

Her expertise in sales and account management, media strategy, cross team communication, revenue growth, digital advertising, ad technology, programmatic media, media sales, recruiting, retention, people management and servant leadership.  Christina has experience with portfolio management, team building, KPI measurement, and execution, and model behaviors including C-level engagement, effective questioning, and objection handling. She delights customers & grows revenue by being consultative and aligned on their goals. She is a strong mentor who dives deep & operates at all levels.